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Deploy Cover Crops to Drop Your Herbicide Use

Steve Groff, Cedar Meadows Farm (Lancaster County) - No-Till Farmer

Healing Soil through No-Till

Leroy Bupp, Bupplynn Farm (York County) – No-Till Farmer

No-Till Pioneer on a Mission for Soil Health

Leroy Bupp, Bupplynn Farm (York County) – Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Focusing on Profits, Not Yields

Lucas Criswell, Criswell Acres (Union County) – Farm Progress

Planting into Living Covers

Lucas Criswell & Jim Hershey (Union & Lancaster Counties) – No-Till Farmer

Using Untreated Seed to Boost Beneficial Insects

Lucas Criswell, Criswell Acres (Union County) – No-Till Farmer

Farmer Profile: Dave Graybill

Dave Graybill, Red Sunset Farm (Juniata County) – Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Fine-Tuning Fertility for Top Yields

Dean James, Don Cotner Farms (Northumberland County) – No-Till Farmer

Connections Between Soil Health & Nutrition

Jennifer Montgomery & Greg Boulos, Blackberry Meadows Farm – Pasa Sustainable Agriculture

NRCS showcase

Jim Harbach, Schrack Farms (Clinton County)

Mimicking Natural Systems

Jim Harbach, Schrack Farms (Clinton County) – Dairy Herd

Harvesting Sunlight to Feed Soils

Jim Harbach, Schrack Farms (Clinton County) – No-Till Farmer

Planning and Research is Necessary for No-Till Success

Jim Hershey, Hershey Farms  (Lancaster County) – No-Till Farmer

60” Corn Rows Make Space for Cover Crops

Ben Peckman, Slate Ridge Farm (Franklin County) – Farm Progress

Water In, Slugs Out, Inputs Down, Profits Up

Ben Peckman, Slate Ridge Farm (Franklin County) – No-Till Farmer

Feeding Worms, Microbial 'Livestock' Transforms No-Till Fields

Dave McLaughlin, Little Germany Farm (Perry County) - Cover Crop Strategies

Behind the Scenes with a Local Beef Farmer

Dave & Holly Albert, Misty Mountain Farms (Lycoming County) - Dirt to Dinner


NRCS Cropland In-Field Soil Health Assessment 


NRCS Tech Note for cropland in-field assessment


NRCS Cropland In-Field Assessment video

NRCS Pasture Condition Score Sheet


NRCS Residue Evaluation


Maryland Soil Health Assessment


South Dakota Soil Health Assessment Card


Teacher's manual for understanding soil health and watershed function


Soil Health Indicators - quick photo reference

Estimating Soil Texture by Feel

Field Slump Test video



Symphony of the Soil movie

Soil Microbes Help Save Plant Growing Input Costs (Included in the library above)

Beneficial Insects (Included in the library above)



Cover Crop Periodic Table

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE)

Steve Groff's Resources for Successful Cover Cropping (Training Binder)

Northeast Cover Crop Council - Cover Crop Decision Support Tools

NRCS Comprehensive Guide to Cover Crop Species Used in the Northeast



Soil Carbon Cowboys (included in the library above)

The Living Soil (included in the library above)

The Science of Soil Health series by the USDA NRCS


Soil Health in Field & Forage Crop Production (Higher Quality PDF or Faster Download PDF)

CBF Rainfall simulator video

Advancing Eco Agriculture webinars 

Advancing Eco Agriculture podcasts

Web Soil Survey – Custom Soil Maps & Reports

Getting Started with Web Soil Survey

Soil Health Demo by Leroy Bupp (PA No-Till Alliance)

Green Cover Seed - Custom cover crop mix calculator and webinars 

Green Cover Seed Resource Guide - sixth edition

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